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ANSI/BHMA A156.9 Cabinet Hardware


ANSI/BHMA A156.9 - 2015 Cabinet Hardware


1.1 This Standard contains requirements for cabinet hardware and includes hinges, knobs, pulls, catches, shelf rests, standards and brackets, drawer slides, rotating shelves and track with guides for sliding panels. Included are performance tests covering operational, cyclical, strength, and finish criteria.
1.2 Tests described in this Standard are performed under laboratory conditions. In actual usage results vary because of installation, maintenance and environmental conditions. Tests required are applicable to hardware products only and are not intended to evaluate systems incorporating cabinet components. Fixtures described are designed to withstand the test forces required and only hardware items are measured.
1.3 Grade qualifications Manufacturers shall indicate the grade level of their products. Cabinet hardware shall meet all tests for the grade listing. Three grades are offered for most products; for drawer slides, additional grades 1HD are available.

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Cabinet Hardware, A156.9, 2015, Accuride

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Wed, 12/28/2016